The Flowers Group strongly embraces corporate social responsibility, investing in the Cayman Islands community for over 70 years. Since the first concrete block made, we believed that our company is only as strong as the community we serve. Our flagship charity, the Flowers Sea Swim, openly recognized as one of “the top ten ocean swims in the world”, has contributed to a myriad of local charities including Feed Our Future, Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity and most recently the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and DKMS in partnership to increase regional bone marrow registry donors, contributing to the effort to delete blood cancer. Welcoming thousands of athletes both locally and across the globe, the event has boosted Cayman Sports Tourism and promoted healthy lifestyles for families.

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The most important contributions are for the members of our society whose names we prefer to keep confidential. We are proud of our far reaching platforms for needy families, local training programmes and scholarship awards for Caymanians.