Foam Guides

Achieving a balance between each of the systems that interact with your structure, is essential to constructing a high performance building. At Flowers we strive to bring the highest building performance to architects, general contractors, distributors, builders and owners through our innovative line of ICF products. Approved for the most stringent building codes and adverse weather conditions, ICF has become the number one choice for the construction industry in Cayman and around the world.

The concept for the ICF construct is simple. Foam Block is connected together though webs. Once the blocks are stacked and the reinforcement steel put in place, concrete is poured through the middle of each foam block. This gives the effect of a reinforced concrete wall, cased in 5” thick Styrofoam. Essentially ICF has replaced traditional wall insulation.

The features of ICF blocks offers many benefits. Properties built with ICF exterior walls are:

  • Less Expensive to Cool/More Energy Efficient
  • Fire Retardant
  • Hurricane Resilient
  • Sound Resistant
  • Provide More Design Options
  • Healthier Buildings

ICF Foam blocks are available in a variety of sizes.